Bellabeat: How can a wellness technology company play it smart?

Updated: Jan 8

Bellabeat is a high-tech company that manufactures health-focused smart products for women.

  • 2013 - started manufacturing

  • 2016 - opened multiple offices around the world & launched multiple products

  • Have 5 products in the market

  • Provide 24/7 member access to personalized guidance on nutrition, activity, sleep, health, and beauty, and mindfulness via subscription. Click here to view data analysis

Business Objectives

What are some trends in smart device usage?

How could these trends apply to Bellabeat customers?

How could these trends help influence Bellabeat marketing strategy?


Data is publicly available on Kaggle: FitBit Fitness Tracker Data and stored in 18 csv files. This analysis uses the below datasets

  • dailyActivity_merged

  • sleepDay_merged

  • weightLogInfo_merged

Data contains personal fitness tracker from 33 fitbit users and was obtained from a distributed survey via Amazon Mechanical Turk between April 12,2016 and May 12, 2016.

Tool used

R and Kaggle. Click to see the super powers of R


  • As some active users suffer from not enough sleep, is there the opportunity to provide features on devices that help with sleep? Mindfulness? Can features such as dim light, night mode, mute phone settings or a trigger/reminder that counts sleep hours?

  • Are the devices comfortable enough to be worn during bedtimes so it captures sleep data?

  • Can the devices capture more information from users or encourage them to provide more info i.e. weight as not many users provided this info?

  • For less active days, can the devices play quick 2 mins videos/TikTok over lunch hour that inspires users to stay active

  • Is there an opportunity for BellaBeat to set a trigger/reminder (get up & go!) to get the users moving to reduce sedentary minutes?

  • BellaBeat will do well to convert inactive users to Active users by sending periodic & very catchy messages to get them going.

  • There’s the opportunity for BellaBeat to customize the apps or products and this can be achieved by collecting more information from users relating to their lifestyle, nature of work. (some people burn calories faster than others)

Click here to view data analysis

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