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Updated: Feb 15

Ever tried to log in to your fave website and then see 'username or password incorrect?

Do you not sometimes feel like "well, tell me which one it is! LOL. .

I wonder who takes the beat for that. The database or who? In this post, I will be sharing a Library Management Database I designed using MySQL workbench.

If you want to get your hands busy, download the following to get started

1. MySQL workbench

2. MySQL server

3. MySQL Connector/ODBC

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Once you're down downloading, click to launch MySQL Workbench. You should see something like the below image

Next, click to connect to the database. You should see something like the below image

If you run into an error that looks like, "Failed to connect to MySQL at with user root", don't fret. Only be sure to set a password by clicking on "Store in Vault..." and click on okay.

If you made it this far, my guess is that you're set so let's go!

Without giving my age away 😊, when I was much younger, to borrow a book from the library, I needed the librarian to stamp the inside back cover of the book.

The stamp in the book would indicate the date borrowed and expected return date usually about two weeks.

The librarian would also take down my full name and class.

If I needed to extend the holding period, I had to visit the library on library day and have the librarian re-stamp the book, extending the return date and most likely, update the library records.

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Fast word to the future!! I can go to my local library website, create an account, log in with my details and borrow a book. Just wow!!

Oh, there's more, since #Covid-19, I can now get my library to borrow books from other libraries while I stroll into my local library for pick up. who would have thought? Call it the power of #Tech if you may but if you ask me, it's the power to the people 'cos, people make things happen!

Happy is the person who cherishes the precious lessons of the past and lives vigorously in the present ~Jerome Hines

So this database project is an attempt to mine past experience and convert it to a library that works.

Using my story, you can tell that we need to create entities and their attributes. but just how many entities? Let's see.

  1. Books - I mean, if there are no books, what's the point of having a library? Books would contain attributes like ISBN, book title, author, publisher, cost? think of any other? Put it in the comment box.

  2. Student - who would borrow books if there are no students? attributes will include student id, name, book(s) borrowed.

  3. Borrow history: in my story, the librarian would want to know the issue date, return date, author, ISBN, book name, student id. Imagine if this information is not known, the librarian will be out of a job sooner than later.

  4. Librarian: the library would be a hot chaotic mess if no awesome folks were keeping it together. This entity holds the staff details like librarian id, name.

You can't talk about databases without relationships. What relationship exists among these entities? Let me give you a clue.

  1. a book can have many authors [do you agree or not?]

  2. an author can write many books

  3. a book can have zero or many borrowed history

See some more? comment below and let's get busy!

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